Sparkle's outfit


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cap x1, necklace x1, bag x1, top x1, suspenders x1, socks x2

 风之岛尘烁官服.jpg 尘烁水印015.jpg 尘烁水印016.jpg


Height: 61cm
Head size: 22.5cm 
Eyes size: 16mm
Neck size: 9cm
Shoulder width: 13cm
Chest size: 25cm
Waist size: 22.5cm
Hip size: 26.5cm
sleeve(from shoulder to wrist): 18cm
Neck top to waist: 11cm
Waist to ankle: 35.5cm
Inseam(from hips end to ankle): 30cm
Ankle: 7.5cm
Foot length: 7cm
Foot width: 3cm